erotic legs

Thursday, February 24, 2005

erotic legs


You're sitting at work. You came in early today, bringing with you pictures nylon work legs young man whom you've grown fond of because of his willingness to excite you. Wanting to try female celebrity legs risky and thrilling, you decided today to bring him with you to work and keep him under your desk while you're working. You have chosen to wear a loose fitting ankle length dress, without any constricting panties, and a rather tight fitting sweater foot soles pictures a light blouse underneath.

Now, as the workday is beginning, you funny big foot pictures sure the young man is going to be able to survive the day under your desk, and then seat yourself, legs spread as far as your desk will allow, and your dress pulled up a bit without letting it be seen by anyone who might come into your office.

Not five minutes after you get situated, you get a phone call. Trying your best to act normal you take the call and quickly legs spread up. With one hand you grab the young man's hair gently and pull him to your pussy. Immediately he goes to work. Rather than diving straight into your lips, he starts by working your tender thighs, kissing them and lightly massaging them with his hands the best he can in his small workspace. Your breathing picks up a bit and you try to start working on something. Luckily you have a rather large computer monitor on your desk, and you can act like you're working on that if anyone comes in. You open up some stocking and legs files just in case anyone should catch a peek at your screen. Meanwhile the young man is doing his thing, still on your thighs, now close to your now wet pussy. Remembering you don't want a wet spot, you grab the towel from your bag just for this occasion and the young man puts it under your seat while you sit up for him.

He gets back underway, licking your thighs again, even nibbling very gently on them, sucking them in his lips. Your pussy is really wet now, and you start to fear that you might raise some attention from your scent being in the room. Luckily you have a nice source of aromatherapy on your desk in the form of a few candles. You light one and sigh in relief. Trying to focus on some work now, you realize that the young man is now gently rubbing his finger tips along your wet lips. You shudder a bit, feeling the inevitable approaching orgasm. free pictures of male cleberities feet quiet moan escapes you, and you bite your lip, staring at beautiful legs kathleen turner monitor as a co-worker passes by your open office door.

You feel a finger start to enter your pussy now, leg pantie adultchrck it is going in incredibly slow, erotically slow in fact. Your thighs quiver in anticipation. Finally you feel the rest of his fist touching your pussy, telling you that his finger is completely inside. He starts to slowly celebrities with beautiful legs push it in and out. Again you catch yourself slipping out a quiet moan, and you bite your saudelli feet tickling art Looking down you notice one of your hands is clenching the edge nice legs pics the desk, white knuckled. You try to relax and start typing out a memo to your co-workers about an upcoming manditory meeting.

After no more than two or three sentences you hi heels fetish nylons legs stop and one of your hands goes under celebrity male bare feet desk, running fingers through the hair of the young man who's eating you.

"Oh don't stop...ugh yes...oh...mmm," you whisper to him. Your other hand clinches the desk domination and foot mystresses as you feel an orgasm bearing down on you now. The young man is still only using one finger on foot fetish ankles toes feet legs while he blows air on your lips and growing clit. His blowing stops though and your thighs squeeze his head as you feel the orgasm wash over you. Good thing you brought the towel girls open legs you, as you're flowing unlike any time you can recall.

"Mmmm...that was great. I need you to stop for a second while I get my mail." You get up and make sure your dress isn't wet or bunched up. Gathering your calm you walk to the mail room. You find nothing of interest and absent mindedly put your mail back. You can't most beautiful legs pictures, models thinking foot lovers about the rest of the day. Glancing at your watch, you realize you've only been there for half an hour. A small grin shows itself on your face.

You calmly walk back to your erotic legs office, female feet pictures that your juice is running down your legs. You sit down again, making sure the towel is in erotic legs the right spot, and spread your legs again. You feel him blowing gently on your pussy again. Your sensitive lips immediately react becoming wetter. A finger slips back inside...then another. You gasp in reaction, the hand goes back to holding tightly to the desk. You grab your computer mouse stars foot sex try to act like you're doing something important. The fingers slowly go in and out, his other hand on your lower stomach with the thumb resting on your clit. Not realizing it, you slouch in the chair a bit, giving him better access to your private parts. He reacts by kissing your thighs. And then you feel another orgasm coming on. Shaking your head, you wiggle in your chair to get ready for any quivering you might be shoe and feet sex

"Damn you've learned well. I hope you can do this all day," you whisper to him. A quiet giggle emits from between your legs. You laugh back. "Oh foot model pictures it comes...ugh...yesssss," you hiss at him. He moans quietly at your pleasure, continuing to do his thing. This orgasm hits you hard, and you find yourself humping his face hard and using a hand to keep his face stuff into your crotch. As you calm down you can feel your juices running down free feet and legs thighs.

"Can you lick me clean please, I don't want anyone seeing anything flowing down my leg." You feel female celeberty feet hot tongue moving around your thighs and legs. As the licking stops you feel a hand on each of your calves, massaging.

"Relax, your legs are damn tight right now." He whispers to you. Taking a deep breath you do as told and go back to your memo. An hour at work and you've only type 3 sentences. The warm hands keep massaging your legs, slowing moving up, though never touching your pussy.

"Geezus your clit is big," he whispers to you. You feel him touch it, sending you shuddering. "Hehe, sorry, I had to feel it," you hear a giggle from between your legs again. He starts blowing cross stitch baby feet pattern it now instead, the warm breath stimulating you, making the hairs on your neck stand pics of hands grabbing feet end. You shudder again.

You slouch again in the chair, this time putting your legs up on a feet female foot fetish under the desk. In the back nude feet boy your mind you hope he can touch your asshole now. Sensing your desire, he does just that, slowly running a fingertip in circles around your puckered opening, and then finally gently pushing the tip in. With a knuckle inside he stops, holding women spreading legs there, feeling the heat from inside you as your sphincter grasps at him.

Breathing heavily again, you swallow and take a deep breath, trying to regain some focus and type more. Then it hits you, asian skirt and leg wave of pleasure and you feel that thumb on your clit again, resting gently on it. Sensing your pleasure, he pulls his finger out of your ass until just the very tip is still inside, causing your muscles to keep trying to grab the finger and pull it in.

"Oh fuck, oooooh mmmm," you moan again, rather loudly this time, startling you. Quickly your pussy has your attention again though and you feel his index finger rubbing lightly in circles around your clit while his thumb goes into your pussy, slowly pushing in completely. Now more pressure is applied on your clit, and your ass crazily tightens and loosens around the finger tip. That's when you're slammed by another orgasm. Your body shakes this time as you inhale sharply.

"My god you are great. I don't know if I can do this all day though, I'm already exhausted." Another giggle from under the erotic legs desk. You look at your computer screen to see that the time is 1120am. A notice pops up reminding you that you're to attend a meeting in 10 minutes.

"Shit, I've got a meeting in 10. Will you be okay down there?" you ask him.

"Yeah, I need a rest anyway." he replies, breathing heavily. You run your nylon feel tricot legs through his hair.

"I owe you big time for this." you state, and feel his head nodding in your hand. "I'll be back soon I hope."

You get up and go to the meeting. Realizing legs having it's a lunch meeting, you grab some extra food to bring back to your office. Finally after sitting for an hour and a babe hot leg not paying attention to anything, you get to leave the meeting.

"I'm back. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah. Thanks." You hand him a sandwich and a can of pop. "I can't believe I'm eating under a desk." He chuckles, and hands you the paper plate. You toss it into your trash can.

"Okay, you can get seated again like before. I'll keep this pop down here."

You scoot your chair in and get comfortable, slouching again, and spreading your legs wide. He starts on your thighs again, this time sex legs and licking them for about ten minutes, drawing out your pleasure building as much as he can. As he senses you getting restless from an orgasm starting to mount, his fingertip enters your ass again.

"Oh shit, that feels good." You grunt at him, sliding your rear down the seat a little more without thinking about it. Like a madman he continues to furiously eat your thighs, legs in nylons nibbling, sucking, kissing, and blowing on them, all while keeping his finger nestled just within grasp of your quivering asshole. "Yesssssss, ohh yes. Please don't stop....shit....ohhhh fuck....yesssss..., " you hiss at him, your eyes glazed as you keep your them glued to the computer screen as your overwhelmed by an orgasm. You hear him breathing heavily as he foot sex divx the sound of swallowing, and a clinking as the pop can is set next to the leg of the nigthhawks feet links His tongue goes to work cleaning up the abundant juices again.

You look at the time. 137pm. Thinking to yourself, you decide you're leaving early today, feeling glad that your boss isn't at work.

"Maybe you should get some work done?" He whispers to you.

"Probably, do you need a break?"

"Not unless you do."

", just do something slow and easy. I can't do a fucking thing if you're going wild down there."

"Okay, let erotic legs know when you're done working." He rustles foot fetish the rock changing positions to get more comfortable.

You open up the memo again, not recalling having closed the file earlier. Suddenly you wonder how many people walked past your door while you were in the midst of an orgasm. Oh well. You start typing and feel a finger in your ass male bare feet causing you to sigh heavily. He keeps pushing it in and out as you work, keeping you aroused, but still able to work.

"Use two fingers, please." The one pulls out, and you feel two go back in. "Yeah, that's it. Mmm."

You slouch a bit more, and keep working. After about 15 minutes of typing you stop and have the computer spell check the letter. It finds the word "cum" in the memo.

"Shit!" you chuckle and fix the error. Everything else checks out and you print it out. The smell of the laserjet printer permeates the smell of your sex sharply. You reach back high heels and sexy legs open the window all the way to air your office foot licking stories being careful not to let the two fingers out of your bottom. "This place smells," you say quietly, and hear a chuckle from below.

"Okay, I'm done."
erotic legs you sure?"

"Yeah. Go crazy."

"Are you sure?"

"Uhh, yeah." You pause. "I think." A smile sweeps across your face.

Immediately you feel his lips on your clit, sucking them, and his hands playing with your lips, fingers pushing in and out of your really big feet pussy.

"Holy shit!" You exclaim rather loudly. A passerby glances in while walking past shortly after. Another chuckle is heard from under the desk.

"Fuck it," you think to yourself, leaning further back in the chair, and putting your legs over your lover's shoulders, not caring if anyone sees you. You pick up a trade magazine on second thought, and act like you're reading. Your thighs tighten around his head, and you hear him struggle for air. Your hand goes to the back of his head, pushing his face into you, not letting those lips leave your swollen clit.

"That's it baby....ooooooh damn yes....ssssssss...mmmm...ughmmmmm. Don't stop.." You gasp, arching your back against the sexy long legs another orgasm slams you. You drop the magazine and have both hands on his head, running your fingers through his hair.

"Mmmm...that was something else." You sigh heavily, contentedly. "I'm exhausted, I can't take famous pornstars anymore, not here."
gallerys of sexy legs and asses I need a break too."

You sit up pictures of alissa milano feet straighten out your clothes. "I'll be right back, I'm gonna let the secretary know that I'm heading home early today."

After talking to the spanish feet links feet beautiful meshereth, rick hurry back to your office and get the young man from under your desk.

"Grab that towel and let's go."

The two of you leave quickly, eagerly anticipating an afternoon away from the confines of a desk.

erotic legs

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